Chief Instructor - Master Wu Xiaoping

Chief Instructor Master Wu Xiaoping began her traditional Wushu training at age three from her grandfather, Wang Ziping; her mother, Wang Jurong; and her father, Wu Chengde. She has been immersed in traditions of Chinese martial arts and medicine for most of her life. Her early martial arts training included the Chang Quan system (Chang Quan, Hua Quan, Hong Quan, Pao Quan and Tan Tui), Baji Quan and Taiji Quan.

A graduate of both the Shanghai Teaching University and the Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chief Instructor Master Wu Xiaoping obtained the bachelors degree and is highly skilled in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), specializing in Qi Gong, Tui Na (massage) and acupuncture. She did several more years of clinical studies under her father, Dr. Wu Chengde, focusing on sports medicine. Ms. Wu has extensive teaching experience in Wushu, Taiji Quan and Qi Gong. She served as an instructor and lecturer at the Shanghai International Cultural College and the Shanghai Yang Zhi Jiang Wu Gong Ti Xiao (a martial arts and physical therapy institute).

She has carried on the family tradition of life-long study and promotion of Chinese martial arts and medicine. Chief Instructor Master Wu Xiaoping pursued advanced study of several Taiji Quan styles under some of China's best masters. She studied Chen Style Taiji under Gu Luxing, Fang Zhiqiang and He Bingquan. Gu Luxing and Fu Zhongwen gave her further instruction in Yang Style Taiji.

She studied Wu Style Taiji under Ma Yuehliang and Wu Yinghua. For additional internal style instruction, she studied Bagua and Xin Yi Liu He Quan under Li Zhunsi. In addition to the famous martial arts teachers Master Wu Xiaoping is an accomplished artist in Traditional Chinese Painting, studying directly under the famous artist, Li Shanjing. With such a background, it is no surprise that Master Wu Xiaoping has competed and judged in many Chinese tournaments.