Founder: Professor Wang JuRong

Professor Wang Jurong was born on November 4, 1928.  Her family origins are from Chang Chow in the province of Hei Bei, China .  By the time she was in high school, Madame Wang was well-known throughout China by Wushu masters and the Martial Arts community.  In 1946 she won the Women's Championship at the 7 th National Athletic Games and the 1953 National Wushu Competition, the gold medal awards for Cha Chuan and Green Dragon Double Sword routines.  Madame Wang graduated in 1952 from the Education Department of the Aurora University in Shanghai .  Madame Wang became a founding professor of the East China Physical Education College (now known as the Shanghai Physical Education College ). She remained a Professor in the Wushu Department for 36 years.  Madame Wang then developed a graduate program at the College and became the first professor of Physical Education to have 2 students earn Master of Martial Arts degrees in Taiji Chuan.

Professor Wang has served as Director of the Chinese Martial Arts Association as well as the Archery Association. She was Vice-Chairman of the Shanghai Wushu Association, head of the Judging Committee, and Vice-Chairman of the Shanghai Archery Association. She served as President of the Chinese Martial Arts Research Institute and as Advisor to the Wu Dang Research Association and the Shanghai Qi Gong Research Association. In addition, she has written and edited many books and articles on Taiji Chuan and has been involved in the development and promotion of the new standardized Taiji 24 simplified, 32 sword, 48 combined, and Yang 88 posture routines. In China , she was a member of the government appointed council to organize official judges rule books for the new Wushu standardized competition routines and was personally involved in developing the Double Sword Competition routine.

In 1989, Professor Wang was invited by the United States Chinese Martial Arts Council chairman, Jeff Bolt, to serve as Judge and Advisor for the National Chinese Martial Arts Competition in Houston, Texas and to help choose an American Wushu team to travel to China.  Madame Wang travels extensively, conducting seminars for other Martial Arts groups and serving as Chief Judge, Arbitrator or Honorary Advisor for many of the major Chinese Martial Arts competitions held in the United States.  Professor Wang serves as an advisor to the US Kuoshu Federation and as an Honorary Advisor to the Chinese Wushu History Association.  She is a member of the US Chinese Martial Arts Council and an honorary lifetime member of the Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists.  In 1995, Madame Wang was named Woman of the Year by Inside Kung Fu Magazine and in 1997 she was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the USA Wushu-Kung Fu Federation. 

In 2002, the USA Wushu-Kung Fu Federation made her an honorary president of the USAWKF.